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Live in care allows a caregiver to live-in the home 24/7

Live-in allows a caregiver to live-in the home 24/7. This can help to have continuity with mom or dad as well as a cost effective way of having outside help. Live in home caregivers have the same training and background checks as any caregiver employed by Ambassadors Caregivers.

To hire a live in home caregiver, one must be qualified and meet these federal requirements:

  • Caregiver lives at the client’s home 5-7 days or at least 120 hours/week

  • Caregiver must be able to have 5-8 hours of uninterrupted services

  • Client is stable enough to be left alone for 5-8 hours

For more information on federal live-in care guidelines: https://www.dol.gov/whd/regs/compliance/whdfs79d.htm

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