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Loved ones

5 Meaningful Activities for Loved Ones as a Family Caregiver

As a family caregiver, it is imperative that you plan enough meaningful activities for the loved ones that you are responsible for. Without proper and enough activities, loved ones in care might not get enough exercise and might withdraw within themselves, which isn't good for their mental or physical health. Some of the meaningful activities ...
Hospice Support Service

What is Hospice Care?

What is hospice service? Hospice is an alternative choice to traditional medicine whereby the focus of care is shifted from treating an illness or performing life-saving measures to keeping a patient as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Additionally, the care is not only for terminally ill patients but it is also extended to the family to ...
Independent living

Addiction & Aging- Signs & Safeguards

If I were to say addiction and senior citizens in the same sentence, you would naturally assume that I would say something like Local senior citizens took time out today to visit the local high school to educate kids on the dangers of addiction. When someone says addiction, nine times out of ten, the mental ...
transition to home

Home Health Care

What is Home Health Care? Home Health Care consists of a wide range of medical services that is given wherever you call home. The goal of care is treat an illness or injury. It is to help you recover from an illness, regain your strength and help you get back on your feet as soon as ...
personal home care

Personal Home Care or Assistant Services

What is personal home care? Personal home care is a non-medical professional caregiver serviced by a licensed agency to help clients in their home with activities of daily living (ADLs). How is it different from Home Health Care or Hospice Care? Personal home care provides non-medical services such as personal hygiene, transportation, toileting, light housekeeping, medication assistance, ...

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