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Ways to Communicate with Your Loved Ones to Improve Your Relationship

Effective communication is essential for the survival of a relationship, especially when it concerns your loved ones. Among these loved ones, it is our elders who expect our best when it comes to communicating, as the slightest feeling of ignorance causes them great hurt. Communication gaps strain relations with elders with them feeling neglected and ...
long term acute care

How to Forgive Someone You Cared For

It is something that has happened to all of us at some stage or the other in life. We have ended up caring for people who have hurt us either consciously or inadvertently. These experiences are necessary at times as they make us wiser and stronger, teaching us that we cannot stop caring but have ...
Aging Loved One


Personal Goals & Wishes Of An Aging Loved One Whether it is to remain independent, volunteer, or give to charity, it is vital that we incorporate the personal home care plan and wishes of an aging loved one. Start by asking your loved ones which of these is important to them and spend some time elaborating and ...

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