Caregivers Check In Program for Your Elders - Ambassadors Care


Aging Loved One

This caregiver check-in program is designed to be the eyes and ears for families who live far away or out of town. The program is designed for those, who need a trust-worthy company to provide Check-in services on mom/dad from time to time.

This may be done weekly or on alternating days, in the morning or evenings or on an as needed basis. Usually check-in help is hired hourly. Clients on this program can piggy back with friends in the area to make it more cost effective through our share a caregiver program to do check-ins, weekly meals, weekly outings, errands or weekly house chores.

Peace of Mind for Families

Check In Program
  • Have an Ambassador keep an eye on your mom/dad

  • Monitor mom/dad to ensure safety while they are living alone

  • Report about mom/dadÔÇÖs health progress or needs while they are alone at home

  • Monitor nutrition and physical needs to evaluate a high level of care

  • Safety and assurance of independent living

  • Ensure mom/dad is taking their medications as prescribed by physician

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