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Family caregiver stress is at an all-time high. Take a BREAK!

Another one among Ambassador Caregivers specialty programs, the family caregivers relief program focuses on family caregivers taking short breaks to run errands and some time off to care for personal needs. In a certain way, the Family Care Relief Program can also be spoken of as a mini vacation as it allows caregivers to regain perspective and energy to continue caring for a loved one. The Family Caregivers Relief program is designed to save caregivers from the risk of depression and other health problems that might arise as a result of the stress they tend to develop by working as a family caregiver. In other words, the program aims at giving some respite to the caregiver in order to protect them from a possible burnout or any illness.

Caregivers are at an increased risk of depression and other health problems as a result of the stress of being a family caregiver. Having respite care can enable the caregiver to keep providing rather than burning out or becoming ill. Often times, family caregivers live in guilt or they become co-dependent on caring for an aging loved one. In the process they forget to care for themselves or other family members. Ambassadors family caregivers relief services is here to help and understand that a break is needed to reset, restart, and rejuvenate the mind and body. So that one can able to provide better care to needful.

What is the family caregivers relief program?

This program is geared to help family caregivers take a short break to run errands. Allow them to take time off to care for personal needs, or a mini vacation to regain prospective and energy to continue to care for a loved one.

  • One low price.
  • Friday 5pm to Sunday 5pm.

Work with family caregiver to ensure no disruption in routine, meal prep and clean up, personal hygiene, plan games and activities. They also work on other areas of services tailored to each client.

The program also aims at getting rid of any possible guilt carried by the family caregiver for an aged loved one. Caregivers are prone to getting too engrossed in caring for a particular resident. In the process, they tend to forget that they need to take care of themselves as well. Hence, the program helps them understand the importance of a much-needed break in order to reset, restart and rejuvenate their mind and their body and to continue the good work that they are doing.

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