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Caregivers may be added to care for the activities of daily living

While hospice services can provide palliative and comfort care to the individual and support to the family, caregivers may be added to care for the activities of daily living. It is an added service that is privately paid to give relief to family caregivers whether it’s one hour or 24 hours a day.

Caregivers can coordinate care with hospice so that there is a continuum of care even when hospice care at home is not present.

Hospice Services may include:

  • Hygiene

  • Toileting and bathing on days hospice is not there

  • Assist with pain management

  • Notifying hospice when an issue arises such as inadequate pain medications, physical difficulties, medication refill needed, etc

  • Meal Prep and Clean Up

  • Physical assistance

  • Coordinating special care instructions with hospice

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