Medication error is a leading cause for hospitalization in the elderly population. Medications can cause drowsiness and is a risk factor for falls and fractured hips in those over 60 years old. Medication overdose or under-dose can mean an untreatment of a disease or an infection.

To alleviate such problems, a medication list should be updated at all times and checked over by a primary care physician or a pharmacist.

Additionally transition periods from the hospital to home, extended skilled nursing care to home or long-term acute care to home, can also be confusing as medications are added or subtracted and may be overlooked during such transition periods.

Ambassadors Caregivers‘ goal is to eliminate some of these unnecessary risk factors with a pharmacist on staff to help with medication management.

How does Medication Management work?

Once you become a client, you can elect for a primary care physician to review the medication list at no extra charge for medication duplication, correct dosing, correct medications, over use or underuse of the medication and any other recommendations. Possible recommendations can then be reviewed and discussed with your primary care physician.

How do I pay for Medication Management?

A pharmacist can be privately hired to review and make recommendations on medications. Usually the fee is per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

A pharmacist can also be hired to fill the pillboxes weekly for a client, train and discuss medication options with the family and can work with the primary care physician to ensure optimal solutions are considered.

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