am·bas·sa·dorA person who acts as a representative

Our care team is comprised of our leadership, a talented team of care coordinators and supervisors, and our caregivers.  While each role is important, our caregivers make up the heart of our team.

ambassadors_shieldOur Ambassadors

We call our caregivers Ambassadors because in many cases they serve as a representative for clients who may be unable to voice their own needs.  For example, in a hospital or retirement community, individuals with a family member or a representative by their side are likely to receive better care.  In other cases, the caregiver serves as a representative of a family member who hires the Ambassador to ensure the safety or well-being of the client.  The role of the Ambassador is actually more than simply a caregiver role.  A primary role of an Ambassador is to ensure that each client receives the dignity and respect they are entitled, regardless of the setting.  This explains the shield in our logo.  The Ambassador shield is a reminder that our primary responsibility is to serve as defender of the dignity and well-being of our clients.  The shield also represents our Christian values and depicts doves which signify a walk with the Holy Spirit–a subtle reminder that we are never alone.  By serving in this role, we serve Ambassadors to Christ, representing Him in our service to others.

Training and Background

Our caregivers undergo extensive background checks and training. Here are examples of checks that are performed for each caregiver we hire:

  • Extensive background checks

  • Verify references and work history

  • Criminal records

  • Skills testing and ability to perform tasks

  • Personality and interview

  • Monitoring and evaluation by supervisors

  • Monthly training in disease states, Alzheimers, Dementia, Parkinsons, Multiple sclerosis, Hospice Care, in home care, fall prevention, specialty and culture training, concierge services/customer services, and much more.

  • Re-certifications and retraining yearly as necessary.

  • Specialty training: concierge services, GTube Feeding, Wound Care, medication administration

Telephone: (713) 521-2221