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Preparing Aging Introverts for a Life in Assisted Living

Aging introverts are seldom found struggling when it comes to adjusting to retired life in assisted living. They are agile in identifying retirement communities. They find a way out to be a part of social activities. Individuals take group trips, spend time socializing. The bottom line is, they always keep themselves engaged with life.

The same though, is not the case with aged people who are introverts by nature. These individuals, especially the ones interested in moving into a senior community, at times feel reluctant at the very thought of having to socialize. They fear losing out on their privacy. They fear getting lost or getting stuck in a place where they may necessarily not feel comfortable.

This is where such individuals, generally shy and reluctant in life, need to be prepared in order to get them ready to enjoy life at an assisted living care home.

Few ways to prepare Aging Introverts for a life in Assisted Living:

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They must be provided with flexible meal options:

Aged people, generally who shy away from speaking their mind, fear being forcefully fed with something they generally dislike. Also, they fear being made to sit with certain groups of people. Dining options must be flexible in order to allow them to eat what they want, whenever they want, wherever they want.

Housekeeping visits must be scheduled:

This is one thing individuals generally feel reluctant about, especially when it comes to moving into assisted living care. The housekeeping staff keeps showing up every now and then. This must be discontinued and visits must not happen unannounced, unless an emergency occurs.

They must be given the freedom to participate:

Most assisted living care homes have a wide range of enrichment activities to offer. Senior residents must have the liberty to choose to participate in as many or as few as they like. Participation should never be made mandatory be it in a morning speech or a yoga session.

Family visits should be encouraged, not disallowed:

For a senior citizen who has just settled into an assisted living care home, family visits should be encouraged at the earlier stages so that the concerned person feels settled down. Such visits should be allowed more and more in order to make the aged person feel comfortable at a home away from home.


A final piece of advice would be that such transitions must be planned carefully. Though it might take some time and planning, it certainly does help reduce anxiety and stress.

Victoria Bryant, is a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) who leads the care team. Dr. Bryant has held numerous leadership positions and has been recognized in such distinctions as Top 30 Influential Women of Houston 2016, Houston Business Journals 40 under 40, Houston Womans Magazine 50 Most Influential Women of 2013, VAN TV Community Leader Award 2015, Texas Executive Women Women On The Move 2015, and others.

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