Medication Management and More Specialty Programs for Elderly


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Specialty Programs for Elderly

These specialty programs for elderly are in addition to our concierge services for loved ones, who need specific in depth services. For example, In-home chef program for clients, who are able to live independently but need weekly meal prep so they can enjoy time with grandchildren.
Another example, a family caregiver need to go out of town for a wedding and need help over the weekend for mom, will use our Weekend Relief Program.

For clients returning home from hospital or transitional facilities

Home cooked meals and weekly menus

Respite care for family caregivers

single visits to check-in

complementary with services

Through our Share a Caregiver Program, neighbors can cut cost by sharing a caregiver to help with weekly laundry or grocery run

Medication Review and Management by a pharmacist

Tailored Care

We tailor our care to each of our clients at an affordable
and competitive rate without compromising care.

elder concierge services

Other Programs

Tailored to client

Stem Cell Transplant

Alzheimer’s Certificate Program

Heart Transplant

Kidney transplant

Liver Transplant

Hospice Extension Program

Home Health Extension program

Tube Feeding

For more information on Speciality Programs, You can contact us at (713) 521-2221 or Email us.

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