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Victoria Bryant

Voyage Houston Published Victoria Bryant’s Journey

Voyage Houston Published Victoria Bryant's Journey Voyage Group of Magazines in Los Angeles, with there flagship publication VoyageLA.  After generating first million page views in LA they knew their content was resonating with the community. They started grown to Houston and a handful of other amazing cities with the help of an amazing network of friends, associates, ...
Independent living

Choosing an Independent Living Community for Seniors

Assisted Living aims at providing Independent Living Care to seniors. Who are mentally and physically capable of living alone without the need for skilled nursing or any other kind of assistance with regards to day-to-day activities. WHAT IS INDEPENDENT LIVING? Independent Living is aimed at freeing individuals generally 55 years and above from the responsibility of running ...
Hospice Support Service

Preparing Aging Introverts for a Life in Assisted Living

Aging introverts are seldom found struggling when it comes to adjusting to retired life in assisted living. They are agile in identifying retirement communities. They find a way out to be a part of social activities. Individuals take group trips, spend time socializing. The bottom line is, they always keep themselves engaged with life. The same ...

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