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transition care program
transition to home

Our Transition to Home Program or home instead senior care is unique to Ambassadors Caregivers. This program was innovated to help transition clients home safely and swiftly from a transitional care institution like the hospitals, rehabilitation centers, or skilled nursing facilities.


Meal Prep And Food Storage

  • Ensure adequate food is available, prepare meals

  • Grocery shopping if needed

  • Check expiration dates and clean out spoiled food

Chores and Supplies

  • Change clothes for the day

  • Light housekeeping and light laundry

  • Make sure necessary supplies are within reach, check air temperature

  • Food, water, snacks

  • Magazine, books, remote control, phone

  • Socks, slippers, bedside commode if needed

  • Set clothing out for the next day

  • Provide pet care

  • Retrieve old mail and help to sort out the mail

  • Empty trash cans and old garbage

Hygiene and personal care

  • Make sure there is adequate toilet paper, towels, bathrobe, shaving kit

  • Bath/shower supplies

  • Assist with bathing and toiling

  • Clear walk areas of tripping hazards: bedroom, hallway, bathroom, and kitchen

  • Make sure rugs are secure and not a trip hazard

  • Make recommendations for installations and removal of household hazards

Telephone: +1 (713)521-2221