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Transitions – New Progress – Caring of Our Loved Ones

When we think about the future, we think about our children’s college education, wedding costs, retirement funds, and saving for our future. But there is one more thing we forget to include and that is having a care plan for our aging parent or loved ones. Normally we only think about caring for them when it hits us between the eyes. At that point we scramble to balance our personal life, stretch our finances and struggle to find the resources. That will help us in caring of our loved ones.

We should have a clear understanding and an open dialogue to help loved ones age gracefully while maintaining their independence. We should discuss possibilities and prepare for practical changes like Assisted Living options, without an abrupt disruption in the family dynamics. When we prepare and expectations are known, a peaceful environment is sustained.

The purpose of this workbook is to create a dialogue with aging loved one and begin thinking about how their life will be played out in order to care for them appropriately. This alleviates the sense of guilt, lessens the stress, a better balance with your own personal life and to know what they want. There are articles between the workbook pages on topics related to caring for an aging loved one. Community resources are listed in the back of the book if you need to reference them.

What is the Strategy?

To understand the wishes and desires of our loved ones

To understand ones role and other family caregivers involved

Be prepared for legal, financial and other important documents ready

To understand the healthcare process and what they mean

To be knowledgeable of resources available


Transitions is a free publication, which provides you insights on support groups, articles and understanding the Health Care System.


Transitions - New Progress

Victoria Bryant, is a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) who leads the care team. Dr. Bryant has held numerous leadership positions and has been recognized in such distinctions as Top 30 Influential Women of Houston 2016, Houston Business Journals 40 under 40, Houston Womans Magazine 50 Most Influential Women of 2013, VAN TV Community Leader Award 2015, Texas Executive Women Women On The Move 2015, and others.

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