Our Transition to Home Program is unique to Ambassadors Caregivers. This program was innovated to help transition clients home safely and swiftly from a transitional care institution like the hospitals, rehabilitation centers, or skilled nursing facilities.


  • Drop off prescriptions and pick up medications

  • Medication reminders

Meal Prep And Food Storage

  • Ensure adequate food is available, prepare meals

  • Grocery shopping if needed

  • Check expiration dates and clean out spoiled food

Chores and Supplies

  • Change clothes for the day

  • Light housekeeping and light laundry

  • Make sure necessary supplies are within reach, check air temperature

  • Food, water, snacks

  • Magazine, books, remote control, phone

  • Socks, slippers, bedside commode if needed

  • Set clothing out for the next day

  • Provide pet care

  • Retrieve old mail and help to sort out the mail

  • Empty trash cans and old garbage

Hygiene and personal care

  • Make sure there is adequate toilet paper, towels, bathrobe, shaving kit

  • Bath/shower supplies

  • Assist with bathing and toiling

Safety check

  • Clear walk areas of tripping hazards: bedroom, hallway, bathroom, and kitchen

  • Make sure rugs are secure and not a trip hazard

  • Make recommendations for installations and removal of household hazards

Telephone: (713) 521-2221